Finding the right support can ensure that you harvest the full benefit from life's inevitable periods of growth and transformation.  Holistic Therapy sessions connect you with inner guidance and untapped resources, helping you find the clarity, energy and inspiration needed to navigate important life changes. 

[After] several months working with James it is harder for me to get triggered, I am drawing healthy boundaries, and I have been able to harness more discipline when it comes to controlling my own actions.

- Nevin McConnell


Specific Areas of Focus Include: 
   • Transforming Negative Thought Patterns & Behaviors
   • Healing Past Trauma
   • Navigating Transitions
         Career Change
         Mid-Life Crisis
         Relationship Dynamics
   • Challenging Emotional Patterns
   • Personal Growth Work
          Longing for Change
          and More

Holistic Therapy Sessions may include:
        • Hypnotherapy
        • Guided Visualization
        • Buddhist Psychology
        • Meditation
        • Shamanic Healing Methods
        • Hands-On Energy Work

See MODALITIES page for descriptions of all treatments.

His shamanic work helped me to retrieve lost parts of myself and to integrate deeper life lessons.

- Pilar Woodman