Works at the level of your core life energy or "chi" to restore balance and vitality to the body and mind.  When the body's energy becomes stagnant or depleted it can lead to physical illness, pain and emotional disharmony.  Acupuncture activates your innate healing capacity, allowing your chi to flow freely and support the healthy functioning of your organs and tissues.  When the chi is strong and balanced, vital health, peace of mind and emotional wellbeing naturally follow.


Biodynamic Craniosacral

Ideal medicine for the overstimulation of the modern world.  This work allows your mind and nervous system to unplug from the rushing pace of life and return to a native state of ease and peace.  Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy also helps your body enter a state of deep relaxation and balance.  This allows your bones and other bodily structures to drop into an alignment that creates the greatest ease and efficiency of function.  Physical pain, injuries and bodily traumas benefit greatly from this work. 



A powerful catalyst for personal growth, emotional healing and a tool for navigating life changes. Hypnotherapy uses guided visualization and body centered awareness to facilitate a state of relaxation where it becomes possible to work at the level of the subconscious mind. Working in this potent realm of consciousness connects you with the internal resources of wisdom, inspiration and energy, which may not be accessible in your daily life.  It also allows internal work and transformation to occur at the deepest level; the level of core energetic patterning. 


Shamanic Healing

For countless generations indigenous cultures from around the world have used shamanism to bring deep healing to the heart and soul.  Past trauma, unhealthy personal relationships and negative patterns of thought and behavior can fragment your soul and diminish the vitality of heart and mind.  Shamanic healing helps to reconnect with internal power, clarity and forgotten aspects of the soul.  This work allows you to feel more whole and claim the life that you most long for.


Herbal Medicine

This ancient branch of holistic medicine provides immense benefit in addressing a wide range of health concerns.  Fusing the wisdom of both Chinese and Western herbalism allows me to address your specific health needs through time tested effective medicines from the plant kingdom.  Plant medicines help your body return to a state of vital health that supports wellbeing on all levels.



Pain and bodily injuries respond well to therapeutic massage.  Depending on your specific needs I may include massage as part of your treatment plan.  My intuitive bodywork incorporates deep tissue, swedish, tuina, sports massage, acupressure and energy work to foster a sense of ease and openness in your body.